Pat Farenga

Growing without Schooling

"This book is based upon Sue’s efforts over three years to gather data using a survey she created about being a homeschooled teenager. She surveyed 75 people and presents her findings to anyone interested in educational options for teenagers, and especially for families who fear that by homeschooling their young children they may be creating an outcast teenager who can’t get into college. If anything, the weight of the personal stories in this book should allay parents’ fears that homeschooling will lead to stunted, unsocialized children. I think young people will enjoy reading the opinions of their homeschooled peers, particularly regarding high school...This is a great book to help you determine how you and your teenager can flourish and blossom with homeschooling."

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Pam Laricchia

Living Joyfully
"A fascinating look at the lives of homeschooled teens. I found reading the candid observations and insights shared by these 75 teens and young adults a rather mesmerizing experience. Answers are at times blunt, expressive, and introspective—in other words, they are as full of life as their writers.

Remember, many of the respondents aren’t specifically interested in the philosophy of unschooling, so the answers can sometimes be raw snapshots where we’re left to connect them to our bigger picture understanding of unschooling. I love that Sue does some of this by including her own insights into their answers, bringing more depth to the conversation."

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Lisa Nalbone

Joyful Learning

​​"I loved the range of perspectives, especially hearing the reflections from the people further along their life path. With a clear, compassionate voice Sue provides a window into the variety of ways that teens can learn and thrive without school from the perspective that homeschooling clearly is the best choice for teens.”

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