Sue Patterson

is a
who works with parents who are frustrated with their current educational approach.
She provides the information they are looking for and helps them create a homeschooling plan that will actually work.

Sue Patterson

After removing her 3 children from the school system in the mid-90's, Sue began her family's homeschooling journey. Over the years, their homeschooling method changed - as did their state and their homeschooling communities. Her kids are grown now, each happily pursuing their own adventures. Sue knew exactly which questions you'd want answers to and her practical experience and anecdotes are sprinkled throughout the chapters.

I work with families who…

  • have just removed their kids from school and are feeling overwhelmed by all that the internet has to share with them.
  • have been homeschooling but their home life has grown to be full of endless arguing and frustration.
  • have teenagers who have been miserable in school but are afraid it might be too late for them to start homeschooling

Are You...

  • worried this homeschooling choice will close doors on their child’s future
  • overwhelmed with all the information on the internet and just wish someone could walk them through what’s important
  • need more information about how to find the resources they need to make homeschooling work for their family
  • frustrated, sad or maybe even angry that the school system crushed their child’s self-esteem and love of learning.

How I Can Help...

  • We’ll create strategies to make your child’s homeschooling a success.
  • I will share ways to conquer your fears and strenthen the ideas you have about how to homeschool/unschool.
  • By the end of the session, you will have a clear plan for your next steps.
  • You’ll have the confidence and the reassurance that comes from knowing that you CAN homeschool your child and it will be AWESOME!

Looking for Support or Mentoring?

Sue shares a practical and compassionate way of helping families figure out how to make this unconventional educational path work. Before you waste money on curriculum or throw in the towel, give her a call!

Sue's Ongoing Projects

Conference Buddies


Sue speaks at various conferences around the country. Topics range from deschooling, new homeschoolers, unschooling teens, creating more adventures, and grandparenting.

Unschoolers' Platform
February 2-4
Chicago, Illinois

Texas Unschoolers' Conference
April 20-24
New Braunfels, Texas

June 2
Austin, Texas

HSC Conference
July 27-30
San Francisco

CHN Family Expo
September 7-10
Los Angeles



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